The Soul Food Café Book

A journey from small talk to soul talk!

We all yearn for meaningful relationships but they are increasingly difficult to find. Fact is, loneliness is a killer. Loneliness is so serious that many are calling it a ‘social cancer’ and ‘epidemic’. Relationships are essential for our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is the deeper conversations that help us to grow and give voice to the soul. Soul Talk helps us to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. The Soul Food Book invites you on a journey from small talk to soul talk. A journey that takes you out of your own ordinary world and sets you on a path of personal growth and deeper relationships. In the first part, you will understand your relationship style and learn how to build meaningful relationships. The second part reflects on life, the search for meaning, and how you can be a better captain of your own soul. The final part looks at how you can grow through regular and intentional soul talk groups in a Pop-Up Cafe.


The book can be downloaded for 60 days as an E-book (PDF or e-pub).

Soul Food Café - Mind & Soul Training

A Journey of Discovery